How Are Embedded Single-Board Computers Used?

Microcontrollers and microprocessors combine to form an embedded computer, often known as a single-board computer (SBC). With a Broadcom BCM ARM CPU, a video-core GPU, and RAM connected, it is a system-on-a-chip made up of several dies stacked on top of one another.

The SBC serves as a master for the microcontrollers in this scenario that are activated in response to an event and run machine learning algorithms on their behalf. It performs the role of the primary control system for the auxiliary system’s remaining parts. Geniatech creates a range of embedded single-board computers (SBCs), which can be ordered off-the-shelf or customized to meet particular customer requirements.

They provide multiple high-performance computing capacities, low power consumption, rich I/O connectivity, and a range of form factors to accommodate various applications. The SBCs from Geniatech provide a versatile platform for embedded single board computer applications in industrial automation, AIoT and IoT solutions, networking and communication, intelligent transportation, multimedia centers, and other areas.

Use of Embedded Single Board Computer

Both domestic and commercial uses are possible for a single-board computer.

Industrial Uses of Embedded Single Board Computer

An entire computer is housed on a single-circuit board and is known as a single-board computer. Typically, the central processing unit (CPU) of single-board computers is a microprocessor. Therefore, compared to conventional desktop computers, single-board computers provide a lot of benefits.

Energy Efficient

They produce less heat because they are more compact and energy-efficient. Since fewer parts could fail, they also tend to be more reliable. SBCs are utilized in a range of industrial applications more frequently as a result of these factors. Single-board computers are frequently used in embedded systems for industrial applications where they are designed to perform a particular function within a larger system.

Use in Harsh Environment

An industrial controller that supervises and controls manufacturing equipment, for instance, might integrate a single-board computer. Industrial single-board computers are designed to survive harsh environments and have several features that make them ideal for specific applications.

Key Features of Industrial Single Board Computer

Their small size, one of their key advantages, makes it simple to incorporate them into current machinery. Ruggedizing industrial single-board computers is another common practice to make them resistant to shock, vibration, and harsh temperatures. As a result, they are perfect for usage in a variety of industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

Most industrial single-board computers have a wide temperature range as well, which qualifies them for use in harsh conditions like the outdoors. The majority of industrial single-board computers also offer Ethernet and USB host interfaces, making it simple to integrate them into industrial networks. Therefore, industrial SBCs offer a versatile and dependable solution for a range of industrial applications.

Domestic Use of Embedded Single Board Computer

SBCs (embedded single-board computers), which offer affordable solutions for a variety of activities, have many uses in household settings. Following are a few typical domestic uses for embedded SBCs:

Home Automation and Media Center

Control smart home appliances like lights, thermostats, and cameras using SBCs and software programs like Home Assistant or OpenHAB. Using sensors and actuators, design unique IoT devices to automate processes or keep an eye on conditions in the house.

You may stream movies, music, and videos to your TV and other devices by using SBCs to run media server applications like Plex, Kodi, or Emby. To store and share files on your home network, turn your SBC into a NAS server using software like OpenMediaVault or FreeNAS.

Educational Purpose or Network Service

SBCs like the Raspberry Pi make great study aids for programming, electronics, and computer science. Work with children to complete educational tasks that will teach them about electronics and technology through entertaining and engaging SBC-based activities. By suppressing advertisements and enhancing internet speed and security, Pi-hole software can be used to build a network-wide ad filter. To access your home network safely while traveling, set up a VPN server on your SBC.

Final Words

It’s critical to think about power supply, cooling, and security issues while employing single-board computers for household and commercial applications. To keep a secure and reliable SBC-based home server running, regular software upgrades and security precautions are essential. You can find encouragement and ideas for your SBC projects in a variety of online communities and forums as well.



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